Architectural Innovation

Habitats represents a first-of-its-kind research project powered by SHoP Architects, a world-class architecture firm, that will use the Metaverse as a proving ground to innovate and design smarter in the real world.

Habitats approached me to help level up their existing branding and develop a style for their social media marketing. I created a strong logomark which reflected the block design of their NFT architecture and formed the shape of a 'h'. Optimised for small sized useage, perfect for social and Discord profiles.

A vital part of social media is capturing the user's attention. I developed a suite of bold social templates and explored wordplay to create enagaing hook text.

Habitats – shaping the future
Habitats- Social Feature

Metaverse Testing

Each NFT from their genesis collection of 2,500 Habitats is a piece of generative architecture, deployable across multiple metaverses and virtual spaces. Including Decentraland, Twinmotion, Somnium Space, Spatial and onCyber.

I created a range of motion graphic video assets to showcase the Habitats in various metaverses. As well as video edit highlights from their educational virtual meetup events.


Habitats were featured guests at NFT SEA, an immersive event at iPic Theatre in The Seaport during NFT NYC.

The Habitats team and I produced a 7 minute film, showcasing the Habitats NFTs, demo footage from the various metaverse tests and to inspire the audience with SHoP Architects innovative plans.