Watford FC Badge Design

The Brief

In 2019, Watford FC ran a design contest for their new club badge. My submission was selected as 1 of the 5 finalists.

Times are changing for Watford FC. For years the fans have called the team 'The Hornets', but the official badge has included a red hart, a type of deer. The brief was to design a new official badge for Watford FC that brings to life the club’s culture and nickname in a modern way.

The badge can be any shape, but it should be a distinctive shape. Consider that it may need to be adapted into the several variations, including a simplified badge, a secondary badge and a watermark.


The Solution

A stylised hornet plays the focal point of the badge concept. The body a is stepped gradient with a central up arrow to reflect progression and the wings take on a 'W' form. Framed with a double keyline which stays true to the existing overall badge. I developed a responsive badge design, adaptive for any situation.

Watford Crest Nick Harris
Watford Crest Nick Harris
Watford Crest Nick Harris
Watford Crest Nick Harris
Wordmark logo Nick Harris
Secondary logo Nick Harris