Never Fear Truth


NFT Generative Art

Blurring the lines between physical art and NFT generative art, creating a social token for Johnny Depp’s community and supporters.

The NFTs (non fungible tokens) are a collection of portraits made in the semblance of friends, heroes, and family; created by Johnny Depp and animated to create truly unique and stunning works of generative art.

One of the key tasks was to extract and animate every brush stroke from the physical art to form NFT layer traits. I oversaw the randomisation process alongside the Generative Artist to assure the layers created the unique and mind-blowing NFT art that the collectors and Johnny would love.

Johnny’s handwriting and paint splats helped shape the foundation of the project’s branding, particularly the Never Fear Truth logotype.

JD – Social Feature

Tokengated Commerce

With the NFTs minted, a dedicated community formed, next on the roadmap was the physical print claim.

Each layer trait was meticulously regenerated to enable high res print output. Using Shopify’s Web3 tokengated commerce, NFT owners are able to connect their wallets to claim a physical print of their NFT. Displaying art on your wall is an important part of taking pride in the art you own.

Beyond NFTs

Never Fear Truth has evolved beyond an NFT project, and has become the brand for Johnny’s creative outlet.

A range of products followed, including stationery, apparel and jewellery. With social and email marketing providing engaging content and increased brand awareness reach.